Sunday, September 20, 2009

Projects turn into Gifts

You may remember we are due to have another grandchild (probably a boy) very soon, and we have had two new babies in our Church family with more due in the next few months. I have started to work on some baby things. I'm knitting another blanket, but it is slow going, I just can't get into the pattern. So I decided to try out some other ideas for a few useful, but quick projects to use as gifts. This bib is one I am working on........
Terry cloth with a little embroidery. I didn't want to use bias tape as the edge finish so tried to do a satin stitch. It was OK , but the terry and t-shirt fabric both were a little too stretchy and it gave me a ruffled effect on the edge. I think I'll try a blanket stitch next time....

The next two photos are of a sweater I made for Sabrina for her B-day next week. It is in the mail so she should have it in plenty of time. I don't use a light box to take pictures so the colors are not really as intense as they should be, the wool yarn is a hand dyed sport weight I fell in love with .......I hope she likes is a very bright. It looks small in this picture, but it is supposed to be the short crop style that is in right now.

Close up of the neck and yoke detail. Top button is for looks and does not button.

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