Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is my Granddaughter Sabrina, she has been swimming a little while now and is doing fantastically. This was a big event that took place on Halloween Weekend. she was in six events and did a great job taking a few seconds off each of her times.

She is really concentrating on her technique.

Here is the result of the concentration............ready to touch the wall.

Grandma and Grandpa are really proud......especially Grandma who only learned to float and dog paddle.

Giving Thanks

No this is not my apple pie, this pie was made by my son Mike! When I was in CO visiting after the birth of Tobias I spent some of the time each day baking. One of the things we made was apple pie, I made one for the friend of Mike's that picked me up at the airport and drove me to the hospital. I did a simple fall leaf pattern on that pie and Mike took notes. This was his rendition of apple pie for Thanksgiving Dinner.
This is Tobias at 8 weeks old, he is growing like a weed and is cute as a button, and that is the unbiased opinion of his Grandmother.

This is a new hat that grandma made, the knit ribbing can roll down and cover ears and neck when the wind starts to blow.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Projects

As promised here are the pictures of my Rivoli project.

The earrings are 12mm rivoli, with delicas, 15/0 & 11/0 seed beads and 4mm bicones. The earwires are solid copper.

The pendant is a 14mm rivoli, with delicas, 15/0 & 11/0 seed beads and 4mm bicones. The cord is light brown silk rattail. The bail is brick stitch,11/0 seed beads with a 15/0 picot edge. There are 18 bicones around the edge that gives it a dimensional effect since the bicones can shift to the back or the front.

Just in time to add bling to the holidays. Now if there was only some event to wear them to.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Latest Bead Project

I was inspired to design a peyote cuff bracelet with African mud-cloth motifs. The Smithsonian website has an interactive design section where you can go through the steps used to make a real piece of mud-cloth.

So here is my interpretation of the motifs in delica beads.......

I like the way it turned out and it was a fun project to make from design to execution.

I'm working on a project using Rivoli, they really sparkle and look so sophisticated. Should have pictures to post in a day or so.......

Monday, November 9, 2009

Food and Babies - What could be more fun!!

It is fall and nothing is more Ohio, than apples and leaves. This is a deep dish apple pie I made a couple weeks ago. Took time to take a picture of the finished pie, but haven't taken the time to post the picture. It was as good as it looks too, vanilla ice cream and all.....

And this is the latest picture of Tobias. Cute as a button, and Dad says he is growing like a weed, approximately 12 lbs now at 5 weeks old.

I have been doing some sewing, baby accessories to be exact. We are having a baby boom at church so need to get a head start on gifts.

Bib that pops over the head, keeps cloths clean and can't be pulled off by baby.

Receiving blanket 36 in sq with crocheted edging, with matching burp cloths that are peanut shaped to fit over your shoulder.

Made a pink zebra jasper necklace for a friend for her b-day. She now has a set, flat spiral bracelet and earrings and the necklace. I don't usually like plain stringing projects , but this one turned out pretty well.

I have a peyote cuff bracelet to post pictures of but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Need to get to bed......working again tomorrow and probably most of the week.....