Monday, July 6, 2009

For the Birds

We have four bird feeders, including one for Humming Birds. I started feeding them last year, but took the feeder down within a week as we had one male that was dominating the feeder and chasing the others away. After I talked to several friends that have HB feeders they said this was normal and that they all have one guy that ruled the feeder.
I put the feeder back out this year and sure enough he was back to his tricks from the start. We have several bushes and trees near the deck where the feeder is hanging, and this little bully sits on a dead twig and watches for another HB to come around and try to get a drink.

It is so funny, he sits and his little head turns from side to side constantly patrolling the area for another HB to just try.

I have seen him back one of the females up against the house and dance back and forth in front of her just daring her to move towards the feeder. If someone just flies by he will give chase.

About two weeks ago I was watering the garden in the evening and he came flying up and started doing his little intimidation dance in front of me, well he got a shock when I turned the hose on him........he hasn't tried that again.

We also have loads of Wrens, Steve build several houses for them winter before last and they really seem to be thriving in the yard and woods. We found out that they will hatch at least two clutches of eggs if they have a different house to move into, they don't use the same one twice in one year. They do love to sing and are not much afraid of you, so they come up on the deck and sit on the rail and even walk around on the deck while we are out.

This guy was singing and didn't have his tail up...... they are so cute.

We have loads of birds, so we always have bird stories..........


This is a picture of a bracelet that I made about a year or so ago. If you read my blog back then you probably remember it. I really liked the bracelet and all the stones, the only problem with it was that it was too big for my wrist and everyone else's wrist that I knew. I kept it around and would put it on every once in a while and wish it were smaller, but I couldn't bring myself to take it apart and leave out anything.
Yesterday I finally got out the scissors and cut it apart. Here is what it recycled into.........
A bracelet and a necklace!!!
For the bracelet I use the four small components.
And the large stone became the pendent for a dutch spiral rope.
I tried a new (to me) closure out of the same beads as the rope.

It was a fun project and I'm sure I will be a lot more happy and get a lot more wear out of this recycled set than the too big bracelet.