Friday, August 14, 2009

Bathroom Curtains

Steve seemed to think it was time to change the bathroom curtains, can't imagine why? We have only lived here 16+ years and they looked fine to me. I decided that if I were going to change the curtains it would be on my terms......
1. I was only going to use fabric from my stash.
2. I was not going to buy a pattern, I was going to wing it.
Of course neither of these conditions included spending money so he was all for doing it my way.

I think both sets of curtains turned out pretty well considering the aforementioned conditions, but the challenge was how to take pictures and prove I really accomplished the task. Have you ever tired to take a picture facing into a window? It doesn't work...... so I waited until dark and tried again. They aren't masterpiece pictures, but you can get the idea.

This is the downstairs bathroom, typical window treatment................

The upstairs bathroom has tile, so the curtain rod is one of those tension kind that fits inside the casing.

Well it was a fun diversion, but I won't be taking any commissions for curtains, so don't even ask.

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