Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Fling

I've been busy this week, but took time to go to lunch Thursday with my best friend from High School. Marilyn has been doing Chemo for breast cancer and she is finished and feeling good so we went out to celebrate. Had lunch at a great little restaurant and we took half our entree home in dogie bags so we would have room to split a piece of Double Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake, and Oooooo was it ever good!!!

I think I told you that we are having a Herringbone Challenge on the BeadDreamz Group. Well I found a picture of a wonderful bracelet in one of my bead books and I really wanted to do something like it. I couldn't figure out how they got the outside rows of herringbone to stay slanted. Every time I tried it the outside rows flattened out and so I gave up. Then someone one the list posted a link to another site with the same kind of bracelet and you could see that they did the outside thread turn differently than what I had been trying to do. I revised my technique and this is the result......SPRING FLING......

In this next picture you can see the flower and leaf embellishment in the center and you can see the seed beads that I added on the turn at the end of each row.

The seed beads are hardly noticeable since they match the cubes so well and the outside rows stayed angled correctly.
The orange and yellow cubes are very bright, when I added the flowers and leaves it toned everything down some. Now the bracelet just yells SPRING instead of screaming it.


  1. I just found your blog. I love this bracelet. I think you have found the answer to the herringbone dilemna. Great job. Have I told you about joining the Ohio Jewelry and Metalsmithing Guild? Check them out. I think you would enjoy it and there will be something good announced for it in May.

  2. Thanks Jeanne, I looked at the OJMG site and signed up for the e-mail list. -Sue-

  3. This is so great, I loved it. Seems that you really like making things.