Friday, February 13, 2009

New Things

The temperatures have been very mild for the past few days and all of the snow is gone!!!! The wind that went through yesterday didn't do any damage in the woods. We do have some small branches down in the yard that will need to be cleaned up before the first lawn mowing, but that is still down the road a few weeks so we aren't too worried about it for now.

As you will see I've been busy playing with my beads, in my spare time. I am only working four day a week now, this is fine with me. I have enough stuff to keep me busy those four days and that make the hours go by quickly.

This first bracelet is called Romance, it is a Julie Ann Smith design. I really like her designs and her site is very user friendly. She also takes Paypal my preferred way to pay on line.

The beads are tiny peyote stitched tubes, capped with a flat spacer bead, and there are red crystals and seed beads in between.

This next pendent is a pattern from a blog, the triangle and the tubes are hollow. I followed a graph to make this pendent, the directions were in French. I made one mistake and didn't realize it until it was too late to correct, so I just worked with it.

The next bracelet is another of Julie Ann Smith's called Red & Black, it is odd count peyote stitch. I have found that I really like working in odd count, even though it is a little more difficult because of the way you add the left side bead and step up to the next row.

I really like how this one turned is just so ME!!! The button shows up darker in the photo, but it is an antique glass on a silver base and it is really the same bright red as the delica beads.

This bracelet is another flat spiral, I picked up the beads (lapis) at Hobby Lobby for half price.

These are the last of my beaded beads for the exchange later this month.

I have two more Julie Ann Smith peyote bracelet patterns. I ordered the beads for the next one, New England Garden, and they arrived yesterday so I will probably get to work on it later tonight.
Have a Happy Valentines Day..........
Hugs and Kisses to all...........

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