Friday, February 27, 2009

I have been working on learning new beading stitches since I joined the Bead Dreamz group. For March I'm working on Herringbone Stitch. This green herringbone color sampler is my first attempt at herringbone. The pattern is from the book Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher.

The pattern has a very distinctive weave which makes it easily recognizable. The beads are grouped in twos and set next to one another at an angle that looks like the cloth herringbone weave. DAH!!!! you may say, but if you look at the above section, the placement of color
changes the look.
I'm working on another bracelet that is herringbone, but it looks like seed stitch. The size of the bead as well as the color placement really changes the look of this one.

It is very easy with herringbone to leave openings in the weave, so it is great for using a button and buttonhole for the closure on a piece. The button here is a vintage button from my collection. I looked through the jars and tin for just the right size and color.........
This next bracelet is also a new technique to me Brick Stitch. It is made with 11/0 delica beads and crystal bicones. I started at one end with two declia beads and increased and decreased each diamond shape to the length needed. Then I added the arches of delicas and bicones. This first picture is a truer rendition of the colors than the second one......matt gold and raspberry.

The button on this one is actually a crystal bead that I purchased on the 60% off wall at Hobby Lobby. The pattern for this bracelet is by Anna Nehs and is from an old Bead & Button Magazine

I am ready for spring.....the weather has been changing so much that I have gotten a very sore throat and feel awful today. I hope it gets better, I haven't had strep throat for years, but I'm afraid this one could move to that very easily. If I don't feel better I may stay in all weekend and hope it is better before I need to go back to work on Monday.
I'm beginning to feel tired again so maybe it is time for a little nap before I start supper.

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  1. Both of your bracelets are beautiful, the green one jumped off the page at me, I love it - and the button hole closure is wonderful!

    Then... I scrolled down and saw the red and gold bracelet, wow! The design is so pretty and that crystal used for the clasp is perfect.

    Nice work!