Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Dawn.....New Day.....New World

Well here we are another year is almost in the bag. Although it hasn't been a great year, it hasn't been all that bad either. Our Family is healthy, happy, relatively well adjusted to the world and life in general.

I am still working, beading, quilting, reading and feeling good. I haven't lost 20#, but I have gained 20# either.

Our computer crashed two weeks ago, but I had purchased a new laptop in July and we will be using it until we decide if we really need a new desk top computer.

Our life is stable, quiet and safe, just the way we like it.

I am ashamed of the conditions in our country and ashamed of the politicians we have elected to govern. Neither party is better or worse than the other, they just don't get the fact that they were elected to do the best possible job for The United States of America, not the political party, special interests or religious convictions that they personally subscribe to.

At midnight tonight, I will be wishing in the New Year with a prayer that God will guide, direct and bless my family, my country and my world. Love to All!!!!

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