Monday, November 9, 2009

Food and Babies - What could be more fun!!

It is fall and nothing is more Ohio, than apples and leaves. This is a deep dish apple pie I made a couple weeks ago. Took time to take a picture of the finished pie, but haven't taken the time to post the picture. It was as good as it looks too, vanilla ice cream and all.....

And this is the latest picture of Tobias. Cute as a button, and Dad says he is growing like a weed, approximately 12 lbs now at 5 weeks old.

I have been doing some sewing, baby accessories to be exact. We are having a baby boom at church so need to get a head start on gifts.

Bib that pops over the head, keeps cloths clean and can't be pulled off by baby.

Receiving blanket 36 in sq with crocheted edging, with matching burp cloths that are peanut shaped to fit over your shoulder.

Made a pink zebra jasper necklace for a friend for her b-day. She now has a set, flat spiral bracelet and earrings and the necklace. I don't usually like plain stringing projects , but this one turned out pretty well.

I have a peyote cuff bracelet to post pictures of but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Need to get to bed......working again tomorrow and probably most of the week.....

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  1. Well, baking and babies can sure keep you busy!! Love the blankets. And the necklace!