Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Really Summer!!!

Wow, has it been hot the last few days! It is a little cooler today the high is only supposed to be 82 degrees.

I was in Columbus for five days at The National Quilting Association 40th Annual Quilt Show last week. Had a lot of fun and saw loads of friends from all over the country. You can see a list of all of the winning quilts on the NQA Website I think they will be posting pictures in the near future. The quilts were wonderful and the winners were outstanding.

The rest of the post for today will be PICTURES....... this is what I've been up to for the past three weeks.

This is the new flower bed that went in this spring.

These are my tomato plants......I started them from seeds in March. I think they are doing really well. One plant is an early girl and it has several medium size tomatoes already. Most of the others are Roma and they even have a few small tomatoes.

This is the shade flower bed in the front yard, that is the gardener in the background.

This is the arbor that Steve built with the pickets that were removed from the deck last fall when we replaced the warped rail. The ferns love hanging from the side.

This is another view of the flowerbed/garden. We have green peppers, eggplants, banana peppers, tomatoes and onions here now. The radishes and leaf lettuce are gone, and the rabbits liked the spinach so much we didn't get any.

These potted geraniums lead the way up the steps to the deck.

This is a pot of flowers that I planted from seeds that I collected in Fairbanks AK on our trip two years ago. They are so beautiful!!!
Early yesterday I donned my jeans, tennis shoes, a long sleeve t-shirt and a full spray of deep woods off and went out into the woods to pick Black Raspberries and this is what I collected in about an hour. It is still a little early, I will probably go out again on Monday when more will be ripe.

Later in the afternoon the raspberries turned into a small pie........ which was WONDERFUL!!!!

I finished my June Beaddreamz Challenge entry, it is called Southwest Dreams.

The cab is a blood stone and the chips are also blood stone in various shades to match the cab.
The embroidery was done on ultra suede and is free form, no pattern. The ultra suede was attached (spot glued) to a metal cuff blank that I purchased over a year ago.

Size 11, & 6 seed beads were also used in the design for texture.

I really like the way it turned out, but even if I squash it as tight as it will go closed it is too big for my wrist. Oh well, it will make a wonderful Christmas Gift/Birthday for someone.


  1. Sue:

    Ya gotta break up the pictures so I can comment on each one. The flowers and plants look gorgeous. The bracelet is stunning. Absolutely fantastic. The pie...I can almost taste it and it looks scrumptous.


  2. Sorry about that Jeanne, I get so into a groove upleading pictures I didn't think it might be easier to leave comments if there weren't so many to remember. I'll try to better next time.